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4 Foods to Avoid With Arthritis

foods avoid arthritisThe symptoms and development of arthritis are greatly influenced by your diet. While some foods can actually provide relief from the unpleasant symptoms of this disease, there are, naturally, others that can worsen the condition, known as inflammatory foods. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial in the treatment of arthritis. But what are the worst foods you can eat when you suffer from arthritis? Here are a few.

  1. Fried and processed foods

This is what we would commonly refer to as “junk food”. Anything you would typically buy at your local fast food restaurant is a big no-no if you suffer from arthritis. But be warned: the homemade version of these foods isn’t that much healthier. While French fries are ten times more damaging when bought from a fast food type establishment, frying your own potatoes in generous amounts of oil at home will not make your life easier when fighting arthritis. Processed or fried meats, supermarket-bought snacks and frozen, microwaveable meals also fall into this category.

  1. Sugar

Bad news for all the candy lovers out there! If you suffer from arthritis, your sweet tooth can be a big enemy to you. Although most of us know by now that an excess of just about anything can be harmful, sugary foods and drinks are especially not recommended if you suffer from arthritis. Therefore, if you want to make your life easier, you should consider cutting down on candies, baked goods and sodas. It will seem impossible at first, but it’s in your best interest.

  1. Dairy products

As delicious as they are, dairy products are very harmful if you suffer from any form of arthritis, due to a protein they contain that can worsen the condition by irritating the tissue around the joints, similar to protein that can be found in meat. This is why a vegan diet has been proved to be useful in the case of some arthritis patients. Therefore, if you suffer from arthritis, it is advisable that you eliminate milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and any other possible dairy products from your diet. And do not worry that you will not be getting the necessary nutrients anymore, because they can still be found in foods such as tofu, quinoa or spinach.

  1. Salt

Luckily, a little bit of salt in your food will not be responsible for worsening your arthritis. The precautions in this case need to be taken regarding excessive amounts of salt in food. While cooking at home, be careful how much salt you put in your food. Even though we are used to considerably salting our foods and we complain that unsalted food tastes like something you would be forced to eat in a hospital, this is certainly something you can get used to over time. Also, avoid any sort of processed snack or meal, such as potato chips, frozen pizza or microwavable dinners, because their salt content is very high in most cases. Pickled vegetables and meats, such as cucumbers, sauerkraut or anchovies are also a big no-no, due to the high amounts of salt that are needed for the process of pickling.

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