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Body Fat Can Help With Arthritis Pain

body fat and arthritisNormally, being overweight has a negative impact when you’re suffering from any type of arthritis, but a new trial made in Saudi Arabia showed that by injecting your own fat into the joints can help you get rid of arthritis pain.

The surgeons that conducted the trial stated that this new method of treating arthritis can prove very efficient. They tested this method on 100 patients suffering from moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis. By injecting their own fat into the joints, they managed to lubricate the joints, this way improving mobility and reducing pain.

According to the lead researcher of the study made at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia, the joints function better when they are properly lubricated. People suffering from osteoarthritis lack the hyaluronic acid present in the synovial fluid which is responsible for joint mobility. Although some research indicates that lubrication can be improved with injections of hyaluronic acid, the researchers involved in the Saudi Arabia study think that an injection of fat is more than enough to improve osteoarthritis symptoms. The results regarding the self- lubrication effects of body fat will be published in December in the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Mudit Khanna, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital stated that this new method isn’t recommended by any studies. According to him it is possible to take abdominal fat and inject it into the joints due to its capability to form mesenchymal stem cells which are responsible for cartilage regeneration. Unfortunately the procedure isn’t as simple as it sounds and given the fact that this is just one trial, further study is required to determine its efficiency.

Dr. Sachin Bhat, Orthopaedic Surgeon at SRV Hospital considers that although the method shows some potential, it requires more studying. There are things that need to be made clear, such as how the procedure is actually done, fat from which part of the body is better, how high are the chances of infections. Dr. Sachin isn’t confident that this new method will actually work.

According to another expert, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Stem cell Transplant surgeon at Stem Rx Hospital, this new method might actually be efficient. He considers that fat tissue can help due to the cells ability to regenerate damaged joint structures. At the same time, fat cells have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce joint swelling. Dr. Pradeep Mahajan stated that even patients with advanced forms of arthritis might benefit from this new method.

Until now, the new method has been tested only in India and has shown promising results. Unfortunately there have been difficulties regarding the selection of patients, stages of the disease and the period needed to recover. On the other hand, this new method can be used to treat any type of arthritis.


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