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calcium arthritisCalcium is the well-known mineral that does wonders for our bone health. Due to the fact that arthritis manifests itself at the level of the human skeleton and its binding joints, calcium is a crucial nutrient in order to help with lessening the symptoms of the disease. It is also very important in helping prevent the onset of arthritis, because strong, healthy bones are naturally less prone to disease.

Calcium is also very effective in maintaining strong teeth, and it helps regulate muscle contractions. Also, by making sure to get the daily recommended dose of calcium, you are also helping your body release essential hormones and enzymes. Adults are advised to assimilate a daily dosage of 1000 mg per day, while elderly people over the age of fifty should up the dosage a little, to a daily 1200 mg. The highest tolerable daily dosage of calcium is around the 2500 mg mark, so whatever you do, never go above that.

Fortunately for us and our overall well-being, calcium can be found in a great variety of foods from almost all sections of the food pyramid. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, and especially their low-fat versions, are the most recognizable source of calcium. After all, didn’t our mothers always force us to drink a glass of milk daily in order to have healthy bones? But there are other foods that are rich in calcium too. For example, dark green veggies such as broccoli and its leafy cousins, kale and spinach, are also a great source of calcium, and a much welcomed break from the dairy routine. Calcium can also be found in popular fatty fish such as sardines and salmons, as long as the bones are included. There are also some great alternatives on the market for healthy foods with added calcium, such as cereal and various health drinks.

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