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Why Lose Weight When You Have Arthritis?

Having arthritis may make it harder for you to lose weight but it doesn't make it impossible. Losing weight can be difficult as it is, but it can prove to be an even harder challenge when you have arthritis. Being overweight can influence how you feel and can also raise the risk for arthritis. According to Robert H. Carter, MD, deputy director of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoske...
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4 Foods to Avoid With Arthritis

The symptoms and development of arthritis are greatly influenced by your diet. While some foods can actually provide relief from the unpleasant symptoms of this disease, there are, naturally, others that can worsen the condition, known as inflammatory foods. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial in the treatment of arthritis. But what are the worst foods you can eat when you suffer from arthritis? H...
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Best Foods for Arthritis Pain  

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Arthritis is a very unpleasant disease to suffer from, but fortunately a healthy diet can diminish or even prevent it. We are by no means suggesting that a simple diet can cure arthritis, because it most certainly can't, but neither can a medicinal treatment for that matter. There is no known cure for this illness, just a few ways to make it less uncomfortable. This article will not deal with pha...
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