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Cows May Provide a Cure for Arthritis Patients

Researchers have recently been able to grow new cartilage tissue from cows. This new breakthrough can prove essential for treating arthritis given the fact that more and more people are affected by it. Arthritis develops when the cartilage gets damaged causing patients to feel stiffness and pain. On very rare occasions all the cartilage in the joint may be worn away causing the bones to grind a...
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Old Arthritis Patients May Not Benefit From Arthroscopic Surgery

Doctors doing hip surgery
Patients who suffer from serious hip pain may not have any other option for treatment rather than surgery. When choosing between a minimally invasive hip surgery and a total hip replacement, people often go with the first option. Unfortunately, according to a recent study made by researchers at the Hospital of Special surgery (HSS) in Manhattan, having an arthroscopic surgery could be very dangero...
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Using Wasps to Treat Arthritis

wasp arthritis
It seems that some tribes in India's northeast have a special remedy for treating arthritis symptoms. The treatment involves eating a wasp with a sharp sting which was stir-fried or boiled. The scientists at the North East Institute of Science and Technology (NIEST), Jorhat, looked into this natural remedy and noticed that the larvae from the wasps help to boost the activity of two essential enzy...
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9 Herbs for Treating Arthritis

picture showing plants for treating arthritis
Arthritis can prove to be a difficult disease, affecting a large number of the population. Its symptoms consist of pain and stiffness of the joints which sometimes can be very painful to manage. Luckily there are many treatment options available for dealing with arthritis. If you don't like the idea of taking drugs to ease the pain, there are some alternative methods which could help you get some...
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Do’s and Don’ts When You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases and one the main causes of pain and disability worldwide. There are many ways of reducing arthritis pain by doing exercises, taking medication and reducing stress. The problem is which will work best for you. This is a list of do's and don'ts to help you decide what's best for you. Standard Action In order to better deal with the disease better th...
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 Even though it is a lesser known mineral, chromium is actually present in many of the foods most of us consume on a daily basis. It is essential in helping the body process and transform foods into energy, and it also helps it break down insulin, thus maintaining blood sugar at a normal level. Chromium is also very beneficial for brain function. Although medical studies in this area are not very ...
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Arthritis Exercises  

Arthritis Exercises   arthritisdiet info
    Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease that affects one or more joints of the body. Arthritis generally occurs when one or more of these joints are worn out and unable to sustain the skeleton properly. Its main symptoms include pain, swelling and redness and generally occur in a symmetrical manner (both knees, both elbows and so on). There are over 100 types of arthriti...
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Calcium is the well-known mineral that does wonders for our bone health. Due to the fact that arthritis manifests itself at the level of the human skeleton and its binding joints, calcium is a crucial nutrient in order to help with lessening the symptoms of the disease. It is also very important in helping prevent the onset of arthritis, because strong, healthy bones are naturally less prone to di...
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Can losing weight reduce arthritis pain?  

  Arthritis is an illness which consists of the inflammation of the joints. This occurs due to a deterioration of the bone sustained by a joint, which begins to wear out as we grow older, or as a result of an accident. Following this process, the bone beneath begins to get thicker and more deformed, therefore restraining the normal flexibility of the joint. Arthritis is more often than not...
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Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain

arthritis treatments
Arthritis is a painful disease that affects a large number of the population. Despite the fact that it can sometimes be very serious, it is rarely fatal. Arthritis may appear due to a broken bone that didn't heal properly because of the general wear and tear on the body, or it may be caused due to an autoimmune disease. Arthritis can't be cured except with surgery, but the pain and discomfort c...
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