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 chromium arthritisEven though it is a lesser known mineral, chromium is actually present in many of the foods most of us consume on a daily basis. It is essential in helping the body process and transform foods into energy, and it also helps it break down insulin, thus maintaining blood sugar at a normal level. Chromium is also very beneficial for brain function. Although medical studies in this area are not very encompassing at the moment, current discoveries do seem promising. As far as we know, a regular intake of chromium can help our body greatly in many departments.

Chromium can be found in meat, spices fruit, vegetables and other alimentary compounds such as wheat germ and brewer’s yeast. Popular foods such as chicken, black pepper eggs, beef, apples, spinach and peppers are a great source of chromium most of us are already consuming on a daily basis. Chromium supplements come as stand-alone products in tablet or capsule form, but this mineral can also be found as part of a multivitamin type of product. However, the human body requires very little chromium in order to function properly, so most people are already getting their daily necessary intake from their regular diets. However, people with diabetes and the elderly are more at risk when it comes to chromium deficiency.

Chromium has been generally proven to work in the case of glaucoma patients. Low levels of chromium can trigger glaucoma, therefore keeping these levels up could potentially be beneficial. Chromium also prevents bone mass loss by slowing down calcium loss in the body. This is especially beneficial for women during menopause, but it can also help those of us suffering from other bone-related conditions, such as arthritis. As always, make sure to check in with your doctor in order to determine if chromium is the way to go for you, and always make an informed decision.

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