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Dealing With Knee Pain Caused by Arthritis

knee pain caused by arthritis

Recent studies have shown that 13% of women and 10% suffer from knee pain caused by arthritis, causing most of these people severe discomfort during their daily activities.

It can be very difficult to deal with knee pain, especially when it is caused by a type of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis responsible for knee pain is osteoarthritis which develops when the cartilage surrounding the joint surface deteriorates, leaving the underlying bone exposed and irritated. If you have a previous injury to the joint, the risk of developing knee pain is much higher. Knee arthritis can affect people of all ages but it normally develops in people over the age of 40.

Knee arthritis doesn’t always manifest the same way. It is normally influenced by how severe is the degeneration and where it is located. The general symptoms are pain, swelling, stiffness and grinding sounds. These symptoms can be very difficult if left untreated. Not only does it have a negative impact on your daily life, but it can also affect your sleep and work, becoming a very serious problem.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many treatment options available. Some of the people can suffer from a condition so harsh that they may require knee-replacement surgery. Due to the fact that knee replacements need to be changed after 15 to 20 years, doctors usually tend to postpone the surgery until the problem becomes unbearable. As for the other patients their only option is to wait and suffer. Although medications give them some relief, they also have a negative impact on the liver and kidneys. There have been many researches over the years to discover a proper treatment method.

picture showing orthopedic bracingRecent scientific discoveries may be able to provide patients with a suitable treatment for their ailment. For some time now, doctors have been using orthopedic bracing in order to treat soft-tissue injuries and the pain associated with them. Every one of us knows or has seen someone who has worn an ankle or elbow support brace in order to deal with an injury, but until recently it hasn’t been used to treat knee arthritis. Researchers have recently developed the so-called “knee-unloader” brace.

The knee-unloader brace is a small, but strong support designed to decompress the knee joint so that it is less pressure on the joint surface. This helps reduce the pain caused by knee arthritis while increasing mobility and improving functions. This new method of treatment has grown in popularity recently.

In order to acquire a knee-unloader brace you need a prescription from your doctor, stating that you have knee arthritis and that you require the brace for your daily activities. In order to fully benefit from it make sure a professionally properly fits it.




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