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Depression Can Cause Arthritis and Arthrosis


Depression Can Cause Arthritis and ArthrosisDepression symptoms have been linked to the risk of developing arthritis or arthrosis. There are different types of depression you need to take into consideration. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) generally occurs during winter. Postpartum depression is a type of depression that affects new mothers and major depressive disorder is a very serious type of depression lasting more than two weeks, making a person feel hopeless, sad, lacking an interest in life and has a negative impact on mental and physical health.

These are the most common forms of depression you can experience. A 2012 survey has showed that approximately 43.7 million American adults suffered from any mental illness (AMI). At the same time, around 16 million American adults stated that they experienced major depressive episode (MDE). These statistics show that depression and mental illness are very common affections among the population, therefore it is important to learn as much as possible about them.

Although some of the causes and symptoms are already known, a new study has shown that depression can cause joint disease. The chances of developing a joint disease such as arthritis go higher as we age, but now researchers have discovered a connection between depression and arthritis that we were unaware before.

Higher Risk of Arthritis and Arthrosis for Depression Sufferers

A research published in the Frontiers of Public Health Journal by researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland showed that people suffering from depressive symptoms had higher chances of developing a physical disease like arthritis or arthrosis. Both joint diseases have similar symptoms, causing inflammation and degeneration to the joints. The question is how this type of mental illness affects the physical body.

There is more research that needs to be done, but based on what the researchers found so far it seems that due to the fact that depression affects the ability to want to perform physical activity, the resulting lack of movement causes joint diseases such as arthritis. Another theory suggests that people who suffer from a joint disease that inhibits them from performing certain functions that they once could tend to fall into a depressive state because of this. The link between joint disease and depression is the fact that both can result from inflammation.

Treating Depression and Joint Disease at the Same Time

Despite the fact that there isn’t a clear link between depression and arthritis yet, treating both is ideal. The current treatments for depression consist of medications, therapy and eating mood posting foods such as foods that contain high amounts of omega-3.

Other natural treatments for depression are support groups and exercise. Exercising isn’t just good for releasing positive feeling hormones, but it also helps maintain a proper functionality of the joints.

If sense any sort of change in your mental state such as feeling detached, hopeless and sad then you might experience a depression. Your best option in this case is seeking help.


Depression symptoms associated with increased risk of arthritis and arthrosis