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Regeneron Rheumatoid Arthritis Proves to be Effective


Regeneron-PharmaceuticalsRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has stated that their new rheumatoid arthritis drug has met its primary endpoint as being a superior drug when compared to the drugs provided by its competitors, being able to better improve the signs and symptoms of the disease, at least according to its phase 3 study.

The company is based in Tarrytown, New York and declared Friday that their sarilumab drug, which is an antibiotic they developed in collaboration with French drugmaker Sanofi S.A., has also met its secondary endpoints in improving the signs and symptoms in patients who suffer from an active rheumatoid arthritis.

The drug developed by Regeneron has been compared with adalimumab, which is another drug for rheumatoid arthritis marketed by AbbVie Inc. as Humira, a rival pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, a representative from AbbVie couldn’t be immediately available for a comment.

In a statement by Janet van Adelsberg, the senior director of clinical sciences, immunology and inflammation at Regeneron, she says that in their study involving sarilumab monotherapy they noticed that it was more efficient in dealing with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis than the adalimumab monotherapy.

The study made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. involved 369 adult patients who suffered from active rheumatoid arthritis and were unable to respond, intolerant of or inappropriate candidates for treatment with methotrexate which is another drug for treating rheumatoid arthritis. The patients were selected randomly to receive either a sarilmab treatment or adalimumab treatment. Those who had a negative response to adalimumab could have their dose increased to a weekly dosing.

The medicine commercialized by Regeneron are normally medicines for treating eye diseases, high cholesterol and a rare inflammatory  condition aside for the drug for rheumatoid arthritis, the company is currently working on drugs for other various illnesses.

Regeneron’s shares which went down to 29% during the past three months were inactive during premarket.

It remains to be seen if the drug developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. really is more effective than the drugs developed by its competitors. Based on the research made it is highly possible that their sarilumab drug could be the more efficient treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.