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Proper Nutrition Can Help With Arthritis Pain

healthy fruits for arthritis

In order to deal with arthritis symptoms people often use a combination of different medications.

It seems that this method of treatment isn’t the only option and there are simpler, less dangerous ways to cope with arthritis pain. According to dietician and nutritionist Jenelle Solomon, a simpler way to get relief from arthritis symptoms is changing your diet.

Solomon says that because arthritis is an inflammation of the joints you can treat it with various foods which have anti-inflammatory properties such as fruits, vegetables and beans.

Unfortunately this method des not cure you of the condition and it isn’t able to help you with arthritis on its own, but people should still try it because it allows them to rely less on pain medication.

The best way to start a diet that could help you fight arthritis symptoms is by adding foods such as cod liver oil and fish oil to your normal diet because they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation. There are many types of fish rich in omega-3 which you can add, such as mackerel, salmon, cod, flounder, tuna and sardines. The next thing you will want to add to your diet are seeds and beans such as soy beans, flax and chia seeds, because they contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which can help you reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by arthritis.

Another thing that you should consider adding to your diet is common spices like ginger and turmeric. These spices have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the body chemicals that cause inflammation. Adding these spices to your food won’t just make it taste better, but it will also help you feel better.

One of the most essential things for your body is calcium, not only because it helps with developing and strengthening your bones but because it also helps to prevent osteoporosis, especially in older women. Some of the best sources of calcium are milk, cheese, probiotic yoghurt and other dairy products. At the same time the body needs vitamin D in order to be able to absorb calcium and protect your body in case the symptoms of arthritis worsen. You can get your daily dose of vitamin D from foods such as liver and eggs.

People who want to manage arthritis using more than the prescribed medications need to make sure that they get the proper amount of the trace minerals magnesium, selenium, folic acid, iron, lycopene and vitamins B6 and B12.

At the same time, it is recommended that you exercise often to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Simple exercises such as walking are enough to stimulate the production of synovial fluids, which helps maintain the joints lubricated.


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