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Sexually-transmitted Diseases (STD) Can Cause Arthritis

Stop STD sign - related arthritisAlthough sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) and arthritis aren’t generally associated with each other, sometimes there can be a connection between the two of them. It is important to recognize the symptoms quickly so that you may begin the proper treatment.

A recent story published in HealthDay involved a young man who noticed that a painless lump appeared on his ankle and then started to experience pain in his feet, an aching sensation ad constant joint pain. Despite consulting a large number of doctors for two years, he couldn’t receive an accurate diagnosis or solution to his ailment. After consulting a rheumatologist he discovered that he was suffering from a rare form of arthritis caused by STD.

According to UpToDate gonorrhea, one of the most common STDs in young adults can also cause arthritis symptoms such as joint pain in the wrists, feet, fingers and toes. Vaginal, anal or oral intercourse can transmit to you the bacteria that cause gonorrhea. This rare form of arthritis is called gonococcal arthritis and can develop when STDs aren’t treated properly or when people are not aware that they have a STD. some of the symptoms specific to gonococcal arthritis are fever, skin rash and chills.

According to Dr. Ralph Schumacher, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, veneral arthritis, which is the diagnosis of gonococcal arthritis, can be difficult due to the fact that doctors don’t take into consideration the fact that younger people could suffer from arthritis.

The fact that a STD such as gonorrhea can have no symptoms, it is very hard for younger people to become aware of the fact that they have an infection. Furthermore, some of the young people suffering from a sexually-transmitted disease are too embarrassed to talk to medical specialist about their condition or the possibility of having such a condition.

Healthline says that in order to properly diagnose diarrhea a combination of tests need to be used, some of them including a throat culture, urine or blood test or the testing of a tissue sample from a woman’s cervix. In order to begin the treatment of arthritis symptoms first you need to treat the underlying STD. Gonorrhea is normally treated using a course of antibiotics to clear the infection. Unfortunately, some strains of the bacteria have become immune to antibiotics which means that may require a series of different antibiotics in order to get rid of the infection.

Arthritis is a very serious disease which affects a large number of the world population. Not knowing what type of arthritis you have cause difficulties in administering the proper treatment. This is why a correct diagnosis is very important especially when it comes to a form of arthritis caused by a sexually-transmitted disease.


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