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9 Herbs for Treating Arthritis

picture showing plants for treating arthritis
Arthritis can prove to be a difficult disease, affecting a large number of the population. Its symptoms consist of pain and stiffness of the joints which sometimes can be very painful to manage. Luckily there are many treatment options available for dealing with arthritis. If you don't like the idea of taking drugs to ease the pain, there are some alternative methods which could help you get some...
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Capsaicin for Arthritis

red hot chili pepper isolated on white
Capsaicin is an active component of the chili pepper, a plant in the Capsicum family. It has an irritating effect on mammals, including humans, and it produces a burning sensation at the level of any tissue that in comes in contact with. Capsaicin is especially present in the placenta tissue of the pepper, where the seeds are contained. This is why taking out the seeds of a chili pepper drasti...
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