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Top 5 Facts about Arthritis

Facts about arthtritis

People tend to have the wrong idea when it comes to how and why arthritis develops. Here is a list of facts to better understand the disease and its symptoms.

  1. Changing the climate won’t help arthritis symptoms

Arthritis patients often seem to state that their symptoms felt less bad in warm and dry environments. Unfortunately, this is just an illusion. Although the weather has a small impact on arthritis, that sudden feeling of comfort will disappear fast. What actually makes arthritis symptoms more bearable is breaking your daily routine and changing the atmosphere every once in a while. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or warm as long as it’s someplace different.

  1. Arthritis doesn’t always develop gradually.

The common misconception is that arthritis is a disease which develops gradually over a period of time. This tends to happen in about 50 percent of the cases. For the other half of the time, arthritis develops suddenly. You might wake up one with excruciating pain and not even realize why.

Gradual and sudden episodes of arthritis can appear in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. On rare occasions you can get rid of arthritis

When it comes to inflammatory arthritis, some types, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus can suddenly improve for a period of time. In some rare cases patients might experience a single episode without ever repeating itself.

Inflammatory arthritis can sometimes be caused by a viral syndrome, which normally resolves over time. A good example is parvovirus, also known as “slap face disease” which can cause a lot of joint pain for adults. People suffering from various types of hepatitis can experience joint pain for a period of time.

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is a permanent disease. The only good thing that can happen is a slight relief in its symptoms.

  1. Arthritis doesn’t affect only old people

Another common misconception about arthritis is that it affects only old people. Most types of inflammatory arthritis affect people of all ages. It doesn’t really matter if one or both of the parents suffer from arthritis, except for rare occasions. Other than that, you can develop arthritis at any given moment.

  1. You can have a good quality of life despite your arthritis symptoms

Since the 1980s arthritis treatment options have evolved. Back in those days the best options was to take the patients out of their normal environment and get rid of their daily demands.

These days medical and surgical care for arthritis has been drastically improved. There are many treatment options for the disease which can help put the disease into remission. This can be done even to rheumatoid arthritis which is the worse form of inflammatory arthritis.

If you are suffering from arthritis, document yourself properly about the disease and the treatment options available.





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