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Treating the Source of Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammatory Arthritis

According to a recent research, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science there are specific compounds in the body that are capable of reducing inflammation and preventing damage to healthy tissues for both arthritis patients and patients suffering from other inflammatory diseases.

The researchers from the University of Edinburgh have been studying human cells in order to discover if they can restrict the inflammation in the body caused by arthritis or if they could be able to control other inflammatory diseases.

According to Stephen Simpson, Director of research and programs for Arthritis Research UK and founder of the study, the research done by him and the other researchers just shows another unknown part of the immune system’s complex control system. He further states that it is very important to know how exactly the immune system in order to develop new treatments and improve the existing ones for treating inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The previous study done by the researchers involved a specific type of compounds called alpha defensins which are absorbed by macrophages. Alpha defenisns compounds help the body by stopping bacteria from spreading and breeding. These compounds are produced by neutrophils which is a peptide that causes acute inflammation when you suffer a tissue injury or infection.

By absorbing the alpha defensins, macrophages can’t produce any more cytokines which are the reason why patients experience inflammation. The researchers consider that one of the solutions for limiting the body’s excessive inflammation is to reduce the damage done to healthy tissue while at the same time making sure the body maintains its ability to fight the infection. They consider the alpha defensins to be a “molecular brake” when it comes to inflammation caused by macrophage.

Dr. Mohini Gray, another member of the research team, continued to state that this new discovery offers new possibilities when it comes to the treatment and prevention of chronic inflammation. According to Dr. Gray, they hope that by further researching this new discovery could provide usable treatments in the near future.

The research team is very positive about its discovery and considers that with further research on the subject they could be able not only to reduce, but to actually prevent the apparition of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis before they even start to flare up. The researchers also stated that their new found information could open up the possibility of developing new therapies for chronic inflammatory disorders sometime in the future.


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